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Foreign funding from Protestant Churches of Germany to India - A Study


In our earlier Post on Misereor, we studied the nature of funds from the Catholic Church of Germany, targeted towards developmental activities.
We discussed the nature of ‘Church Tax’ in Germany, which makes the funding from Misereor different from ‘donations’ arising purely from private contributions.
Similarly, the German State also works with the Protestant denominations. The secular vehicle for such funding is Bread For the World (BfW).
In this article, we pick out major beneficiaries of BfW’s funding and try to present a picture of the activities they are involved in. All this information shared here is on the basis of FC4/FC6 returns available in the Government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs’ website.

What is BfW and what does it do?

Bread for the World “is the globally active development and relief agency of the Protestant Churches in Germany”. In its website, it says “Key issues of our work are food security, the promotion of health and education, the access to water, the strengthening of democracy, respecting human rights, keeping peace and the integrity of creation.” It adds “Bread for the World considers itself part of the global Christian Community.“
Since 1962, the Catholic and the Protestant Church Development Services, i.e., Misereor and Bread for the World respectively are funded by the German Government. This funding is raised by taxes levied upon all registered churchgoers in Germany and collected and distributed by the German Federal Ministry for Development.
BfW is the organization that has been set up, and it routes this funding for development activities that are in line with the Protestant Church’s goals and objectives across the world.
There is a Bread for the World office in Washington DC, USA as well. This Post does not cover its work in India and only focuses on the work carried out by Bread for the World-Germany.
There was another organization called Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst, which has since been merged with BfW (August 2012). BfW is identified by different names in FCRA returns, notable among which are Bread for the World, Brott fuer die Welt, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst, EED, Evangelische Zentralstelle für Entwicklungshilfe, EZE (Evangelische Zentralstelle für Entwicklungshilfe e.V) and BftW.
For the purposes of this article, we shall include all monies received from all above entities as money received from BfW.

Secular entities receiving funds from BfW

  • This Post does not cover German Protestant funding to religious work in India. Such German organizations would include Missio, various Lutheran organizations etc.
  • We can be sure that all the FCRA-NGOs listed here have had at least one remittance from BfW during this period. However, we cannot guarantee the existence of some other FCRA-NGO not in this list which too have received ‘donations’ from BfW. Thus, the total amounts presented herein should be considered as lower bounds. However, these numbers are unlikely to change much, even if one carried out a ‘better’ exercise than what is carried out here.

Region South West East North East Delhi North All India Total
2009-2015 Inflow 180.7 33.8 63.1 54.7 255.8 16.4 604.5
  • The Table above is hyperlinked to pages containing the list of FCRA-NGOs and the respective amounts they have received from Bread for the World during 2009-2015.
  • All numbers are in  Rs. Crore
  • South - (KA, KL, TS, AP, TN)
  • West - (MH, GJ, MP)
  • East - (OR, WB, JH, CG, BH)
  • North East -  (AR, AS, MN, ML, MZ, NL, TR)
  • North - (UP, HP, RJ, PJ, HR, UK, JK)
This Post combines data from the FCRA returns available at the Ministry of Home Affairs website, the Darpan Portal of Niti-Aayog and mainstream media such as Times of India, The Hindu etc.. When information on names of Chief functionaries of a FCRA-NGO are not available on Darpan portal, it sources the same from the website of FCRA-NGOs (if available). These sources are appropriately cited. We acknowledge their contribution to this Post.
We also specifically acknowledge an anonymous blogger for remarkably improvising the narrative of this Post and for the graphics.
Although we have taken considerable care in analysing the data, human errors in such an effort are not inconceivable. We would appreciate if you could point out any such errors. Thanks in advance.

Summary observations

Recipients of BfW are a mixed bag. Some of them are grassroots organization doing little or no advocacy, while some are active in advocacy and appear regularly in mainstream media as vocal spokespersons for a ‘secular’ agenda.
As we have always maintained, secularism cannot be divorced from the crucible in which it was synthesized, i.e., the Christian West. Many modern scholars including SN Balagangadhara and Jakob de Roover have opined on the inapplicability of secularism (European or American flavours) in India. Many traditional Hindus too have pointed out the same from a Dharmic point of view. A good fraction of the vanguards of secularism in India are, not ironically, funded by Christian organizations such as Misereor and Bread for the World. This is not to say that these are the only ‘donor’ organizations which support the work of the ‘secular’ in India. But, they are the ones taken up in this and our previous Post.
As an interesting comparison, we note that between 2009-2015, BfW donated a total of Rs. 604.5 Crores, or Rs 86 crore/year on average. This can be compared to the Rs. 70 Crore p.a. ‘donated’ by its Catholic counterpart organization, Misereor and about Rs. 55 Crore p.a. ‘donated’ by Ford Foundation to our FCRA-NGOs. Thus, the German Protestant Church is comparable to Ford Foundation or the German Catholic Church in contributing to the social and political discourse in India.
All of these secular beneficiaries of both the Catholic and the Protestant German Churches are associated with various advocacy activities such as ‘Women Rights’, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Land Rights’, ‘Water Rights’, ‘Environmental Rights’.
Truly, as the Bible says, ‘Man does not live by Bread alone’

SOUTH (Listhere)

Some observations:
  • As was noted in the post on Misereor’s donees, Kerala does not get any ‘donations’ from BfW. This is assuming that Kerala has a high proportion of Muslims and Catholics. Hence, the Protestant Church may not have an interest in funding ‘development’ in this region.
  • Almost all major beneficiaries are organizations engaged in causes. Their office bearers are openly Christian and, in some important cases, members of the clergy.
  • We identify some of the causes that have been funded by BfW in Southern India
  • Social Education & Development Society (SEDS), Anantapur (AP/10120007) received approximately Rs. 7.4 Crore in this period from BfW. Among other things, it runs a school.
  • Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns (CPSC) -Madurai, TN/75940138 has received close to Rs. 70 lakh from BfW in this period. It is usually referred to as ‘People’s Watch’ in mainstream media. Henri Tiphagne is a leading personality associated with it. More about CPSC can be learnt from this Post.
  • Development Promotion Group (DPG) in Chennai is also a big recipient from BfW, having received Rs. 13 Crore from it during 2009-2015. DARPAN lists its functionaries as B. Anusuya, R. Bhakther Solomon and a Jaya Theodore. It is likely a Credit Union. Incidentally, at the same address as DPG the FCRA-NGO, there exists a Section 8 (non-profit company) called Microfinance Development Initiatives of India whose  Directors are listed as Raj Bhakther Solomon, Sulochana Solomon & Anusuya Basavarajappa.
  • Madras Christian Council of Social Service (MCCSS) has received around Rs. 4 Crore from BfW during 2009-2015. Darpan lists its functionaries as Isabel Richardson, Rev. George Stephen and Yesudial. It seems to work on Women’s Rights and ‘Empowerment’. MCCSS appears to be running a Children’s Home, from which at least one minor girl seems to have gone missing, according to this news story.
  • South Central India Network for Development Alternatives (SCINDeA) is an important FCRA-NGO and has received more than Rs. 20 Crore from BfW in this period. Their work appears to be on poverty alleviation through skills training. A Sheila Benjamin appears to be their Executive Director (their website is not clear), although Darpan portal gives a list of different names, including a Renida Sarala as its Secretary.
  • Fr. Thomas Koshy runs the Child Rights Advocacy Foundation (CRAF) Trust, AP/10260252,  in Vijayawada according to Darpan Portal, along with a Francis Thambi. CRAF received around Rs. 8 Crore from BfW in this period. Fr. Koshy is also associated with Navajeevan Bala Bhavan, Vijayawada. According to the US Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, Fr. Koshy was running more than 12 centres in Vijayawada in 2007  to rehabilitate ‘street children’.
  • Social Education & Development Society, Anantapur runs a school and Children’s Home. Its chief functionary is a Rajen Joshua. SEDS has received nearly Rs. 7.3 Crore from BfW in this period.
  • Accion Fraterna Trust too is in Anantapur. Started by Fr. Vincent Ferrer, it works on watershed development etc. It has received a substantial amount of Rs. 18 Crore in this period.
  • Located in Tuni, East Godavari district, Nazareth Association for the Social Awareness (NASA)  works for the ‘liberation of people oppressed by evil caste system’ (its words). It has received around Rs. 6.7 Crore from BfW between 2009 to 2015. Its founders are Christopher Premdas and Jyothi Premdas. It does not have a Darpan entry. It runs two Children Homes: Light of Love Children’s Home and New Life Children’s Home.
  • Centre for World Solidarity (CWS), TS/10230305, is a big FCRA-NGO in Secunderabad. During 2009-2015, it has received more than Rs. 13 Crore from BfW. They aren’t listed on Darpan portal yet, but their website says that a Dr. Gnanaprakasam is its Director.  A MV Sastry was its founder. Apart from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, they have operations in Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Odisha and Bihar. They work on RTE, empowerment of SC/ST/women etc. Dr. Gnana Prakasam is also a signatory to a statement condemning the actions on Lawyers Collective by MHA for alleged FCRA violations.
  • Deccan Development Society, TS/10230155 has received around Rs. 8 Crore from BfW during 2009-2015. According to Darpan, its Treasurer is Vijay Rukmini Rao and MV Sastry (of CWS) is one of its Honorary Advisers. Its Board is headed by Prof. GS Aurora and Dr. Shantha Sinha (first NCPCR head) is a Member. DDS opposes GM crops.
  • As was noted in the post on Misereor’s donees, Kerala does not get any ‘donations’ from BfW. Kerala is already a ‘mature’ state. Thus, it does not require to be funded by the likes of Misereor or Bread for the World.
  • Mention must be made of Bengaluru’s Equitable Tourism Options, KA/94420364 which has received Rs. 2.3 Crore during 2009-2015 from BfW. It is usually referred to as EQUATIONS. It co-produced a report opposing many aspects of our Amarnath Yatra. To learn more about this, read this Post.
  • Tamilnadu Theological Seminary (TTS) is in Madurai, TN/75940046 and has received a total of Rs. 16 lakh only during 2009-2015. Yet, it is an important FCRA-NGO and we shall use this opportunity to learn about some aspects of it. Affiliated to India’s first University, Serampore (Srirampur, Kolkata) University, TTS offers degree and post-graduate degree programmes in Christian theology. Gabriele Dietrich who is part of the National Alliance for People’s Movements (NAPM)  (a ‘secular’ activist organization) used to teach Social Analysis and Feminist Theology in TTS (see 1 and 2). She was also a signatory to a petition supporting the Mercy plea of Yakub Memon.  In 2013, Times of India  reported that one of TTS’ senior Professor was accused of harassing a girl student from Manipur and a case was filed.
  • Samvada (KA/94420671) advocates for youth rights. It does not have an entry in Darpan Portal. It has received Rs. 3.6 Crore from BfW in this period. Apart from BfW, it receives funds from Misereor, American and Jewish World Service. Its role appears to nurture/prepare youth for roles in NGOs and for activism. According to this interview with its functionary  in The Hindu, Samvada’s students have participated in the Narmada Bachao Andolan, Tehri dam protests etc. In Kannada, it is also usually referred to as Samvada Baduku.
  • Rural Education for Development Society (REDS) is in Tumkur, Karnataka KA/94640009. It supposedly works for the Scheduled Castes. Its functionary also appears to be a Co-Director in a Sec. 8 company called Cosmic Rumble whose CIN=U93000KA2012NPL063753 and whose address is the same as that of REDS. Check
  • Society for Rural Education & Development (SRED) is in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu and is run by Arputhammal, Alphonsa, Shanthi & Esther Devakumari. It works on Women’s Rights and Human Rights.
  • Human Rights Advocacy & Research Foundation (HRARF), TN/75900776 appears quite regularly in mainstream media, in particular, in Chennai’s The Hindu. According to Darpan, HRARF’s functionaries are Annie Namala, Paul Divakar Namala and Ruth Manorama. Annie Namala was a member of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) in 2011 and was in-charge of the implementation of the RTE Act. She is also the Chief functionary in Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI), DL/231661444. Paul Divakar Namala is regularly quoted in mainstream media on any story related to Scheduled Castes, as one representing an organization called NCDHR (see here and here). NCDHR is co-located with Swadhikar which is a FCRA-NGO, DL/231661023. In 2014, a candidate named Ruth Manorama stood for Lok Sabha elections from Bangalore(South). It is not clear if the candidate and the person in the FCRA-NGO are the same. In 2017, HRARF announced a one-minute film making competition on the topic ‘Women and Freedom’. In collaboration with Ethiraj College, Chennai, it organized a speaking competition on ‘protection of women’.
  • Tamil Nadu Rural Reconstruction Movement, TN/75940141 is run by Mohan Larbeer, and Helen Stoffer. It appears to be part of INSAF (INSAF lost its FCRA registration recently) and is also a partner in Coastal Action Network which is run by Jesu Rathinam & Ossie Fernandes. Jesu Rethinam filed a case in Madras High Court against Tamil Nadu Government's Coastal Zone Management Plan in April 2018.
  • Although Palmyrah Workers Development Society has received substantial sums from BfW, no trustworthy public domain information on its Chief Functionaries exist.
  • LAYA of Visakhapatnam receives ‘donations’ from the Catholic organization, Misereor and also from the Protestant BfW -- both being in Germany. LAYA is already covered in this Post.
  • Asmita Resource Centre for Women-Secunderabad TS/10230315, a women’s rights organization is also a recipient of funds from BfW. Kalpana Kannabiran (KK) is one of its founders. KK currently heads Council for Social Development-Hyderabad which too is a FCRA-NGO, DL/231650559.
  • An organization named just “Service Society” in Bengaluru (KA/94420293) is also a big recipient from BfW (about Rs. 4.0 Crore in this period). Curiously, its address in the FCRA database matches a well known personality’s address provided in this NHRC document & whose name has appeared in this Post earlier and who has also stood for Parliamentary elections earlier. Service Society does not have a Darpan entry.
  • Timbaktu Collective (KA/94420621) is a major recipient of BfW’s funds. It works on ‘sustainable development’.


  • Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action (YUVA)-Navi Mumbai (MH/83850025) has received just Rs. 6 lakh from BfW in this period. However, it is an important and a big FCRA-NGO whose 2016-17 total foreign funds was Rs. 2.8 Crore.
  • Darpan lists its functionaries as Mohan Surve and Archana Shrivastava. It supposedly works on human rights paradigm and focuses on Poverty, Environment and Governance.
  • However, their website lists the Board President as Amitabh Behar.  Mr. Behar is related to many FCRA-NGOs. Recently, he became the CEO of Oxfam-India (DL/231661035).  Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (DL/231661020) lists him as Secretary (although Darpan does not have his name for CBGA). In 2015, he was also the Executive Director of National Foundation for India (DL/231650642). This article by MD Nalapat throws more light on this individual.
  • A Ms. Roshni Nuggehalli is given as the Executive Director.
  • Minar Pimple is described as the Founder of YUVA. Incidentally, he is also associated with Amnesty India, more details of which can be seen here and is also a Senior Executive in Amnesty International.
  • Everyone agrees that Maharashtra Government’s Jal Yukt Shivar programme has been a huge success in replenishing ground water table and redressing water related issues to a good extent. However, mainstream media has carried articles in the past, which portray this programme in bad light. In one of these stories, a NGO called SANDRP is mentioned. (see here). SANDRP is a network of NGOs, one of which is YUVA.  Darpan provides names of Mohan Surve and Archana Srivastava only.
  • Socio-legal Information Centre-Mumbai is popularly referred to as Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in the media. It was founded by Colin Gonsalves who recently received an international award touted as ‘the alternate Nobel’. SLIC/HRLN received about Rs. 5.3 Crore from BfW. SLIC/HRLN is also a recipient of funds from Open Society Foundations, and more on that can be read here.
  • Mr Gonsalves and SLIC/HRLN is a leading organization in legal activism and advocacy.
  • Located in Ahmednagar, Watershed Organization Trust, MH/83720075 received a sizeable sum of Rs. 7.2 Crore from BfW in the period of interest. According to Darpan, its chief functionaries are Marcella d'Souza, Basak, & Lobo.
  • Institute for Integrated Development-Aurangabad, MH/83750033 has received more than Rs. 5 Crore from BfW during 2009-2015. It was founded by Alexander Daniel. It works on rural technologies etc..
  • Sahr Waru Womens Action & Resource Unit-Ahmedabad is run by Sheba George Lakdawala, M.M. Menon, Uma Oza etc. It works for equality and justice. Its Director, Sheba George is one of the eminent signatories of a petition to the President of India seeking consideration of Yakub Memon’s mercy plea.
  • Located in Morena, Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram has received around Rs. 6.6 Crore from BfW in this period. It works for the empowerment of the needy.
  • Jan Vikas, (GJ/41910132) of Gagan Sethi is also a recipient of funds from BfW. The recent news on the denial of entry to a former Swiss diplomat who was planning to visit Mr. Sethi is relevant in this regard. However, Darpan portal provides only the names of Jan Vikas’ Board members and Gagan Sethi’s name is not mentioned. We trust MSM source here than that of the badly maintained Darpan portal of Niti Aayog.


Delhi, the centre of political power in India, is by far the biggest recipient of funds. It has garnered Rs 255.8 Crores, or 42% of the funds over the years. Needless to state, FCRA-NGOs in Delhi will likely spend their ‘donations’ elsewhere and/or remit it to other FCRA-NGOs located elsewhere in the country. There are some very prominent names from Indian civil society that figure among the beneficiaries.
  • Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), DL/231650302, founded and run by Sunita Narain has received around Rs. 24 Crore from BfW in this period. As an aside, Ms Narain does not figure in the list of office bearers of CSE as listed in the Darpan portal.
  • Navdanya Trust (DL/231650760) has received about Rs. 4.5 Crore from BfW during 2009-2015. It was founded by Ms Vandana Shiva, the eminent environmentalist. NT does not have a Darpan entry.
  • Voluntary Action Network of India (VANI) is a meta FCRA-NGO, i.e., one which shepherds/guides other FCRA-NGOs on FCRA rules etc. It has received about Rs. 2.1 Crore from BfW alone in this period. It is an organization which is very important in the NGO sector of India. According to Darpan, its CEO is Harsh Jaitli. Its chair is Mathew Cherian, head of Helpage India, DL/231650010, and Member is Amitabh Behar.
  • Nobel laureate, Kailash Satyarthi, who founded Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) has a family of organizations that receive funds from BfW.
  • BBA is the an organization, for which the legal entity is Association for Voluntary Action (AVA), DL/231650169, that has received around Rs. 1.85 Crore during 2009-2015.
  • In 2015, a new FCRA-NGO has been established, called Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (DL/231661122) whose alias appears to be ‘Save the Childhood Foundation’.
  • There is also a Global March India Foundation, DL/231660984, which too seems to be associated with Kailash Satyarthi.
  • Smt Lalita Ramdas, married to retired Admiral L Ramdas, has founded Ankur Society For Alternatives In Education (ASAE) which has received about Rs. 2.6 Crore in this time period from BfW. This claim is made by Greenpeace India in this video 
  • Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), DL/231650047 is run by Bishop Dr. Suneel Bhanu, Sushant Agarwal & Esther Farida Nath (according to Darpan). CASA calls itself as an Organization working for ‘a just and sustainable society’. Established in 1947, it sees itself as a National development and humanitarian organization. CASA is the humanitarian and development arm of 24 Protestant and Orthodox Churches in India. Being a large FCRA-NGO, CASA in turn ‘donates’ its foreign funds to many other FCRA-NGOs as well. CASA is also well known for having constructed houses for Tsunami affected people, very close to the Kudankulam nuclear plant.
  • Jagori (DL/231650137) works on women’s issues from a feminist point of view. To give you an idea of its work, check out this news story  where one of Jagori’s survey work is cited. Donors to Jagori other than Bread for the World are: Misereor (Germany’s Catholic Development Org), Dan Church Aid (Denmark), Action Aid etc. Although it had an unspent amount of Rs. 1.4 Crore (from past foreign ‘donations’) in 2015-16, it received a fresh inflow of Rs. 3.3 Crore from abroad. We have seen how FCRA-NGOs are sitting on a huge pile of unspent amount in one of our earlier Posts. Interestingly, Pamela Phillipose (Public Editor of The Wire and a columnist of The Indian Express) and Martin Macwan (Navsarjan) are on its Executive Committee. In 2015-16, Jagori received Rs. 68 lakh from Misereor. In 2015-16, Jagori received Rs. 67 lakh from Misereor.
  • Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), Delhi (DL/231660846) received  approximately Rs. 5.4 Crore from BfW in this period. It is popularly called as INSAF. Its application for renewal of FCRA registration was denied recently and INSAF has filed a plea in Delhi High Court against the refusal. These two news stories (1 and 2) both mention Anil Chaudhary as being part of INSAF. INSAF does not have a Darpan entry.
  • Financial Management Service Foundation (FMSF) (DL/231650985) too is a meta FCRA-NGO. It has received a substantial sum of about Rs. 14.3 Crore from BfW in this period. According to Darpan, its Executive Director is Dr. Sanjay Patra who is also listed as the Treasurer of Evangelical Fellowship of India (DL/231650058) on the Darpan portal. Prof. Virginius Xaxa, former member of the National Advisory Council (NAC) (during the UPA period) is also a Trustee of FMSF.
  • The National Alliance of Women (NAWO) (DL/231660126) has received about Rs. 1.8 Crore from BfW in this period. It is not listed in the Darpan portal and seems not to have a website either. At some point in time, Dr. Ruth Manorama was the President of NAWO.
  • Institute for Social Democracy is one of the many bizarrely named FCRA-NGOs dotting Delhi. It has received Rs. 5.2 Crore from BfW between 2009-2015. Material on its website makes it appear to be some sort of a leftist organization. It claims to work on ‘a composite heritage of South Asia’. Its chief functionary is a Shruti Chaturvedi, although Darpan provides three other names.
  • Swadhikar (DL/231661023) has received about Rs. 1.3 Crore from BfW. As per this letter, Swadhikar and National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) are almost the same entities and is headed by Paul Divakar Namala (PDN). In mainstream media, PDN is always written as head of NCDHR (which is neither in the FCRA list, nor in the Darpan list) and Swadhikar (the name by which it is registered in FCRA) is not mentioned. Swadhikar was featured in this brilliant article on RTE on Indiafacts. Swadhikar is not listed (yet) on Darpan.
  • Programme on Womens Economic Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR) is DL/231661085 and has received Rs. 4.9 Crore from BfW in this period. It is not listed on Darpan, but its website says that it is headed by a Priti Darooka (PD). It is an advocacy and educational organization for women. Priti Darooka who had earlier worked in Ford Foundation seems to have founded it. Gagan Sethi (vide infra) is also part of its Board. PWESCR supposedly works on Women’s Rights. In 2015-16, it received a total of Rs. 1.5 Crore from BfW, South Asia Womens Fund-Sri Lanka (!), The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights, Heinrich Boell Foundation etc..
  • There is a Centre for Education and Communication (CEC) in Delhi, DL/231650113 which has received funds from BfW only in 2006. However, let us not lose the opportunity to learn more about it. Our interest in CEC was piqued by one of its donor in 2015-16, an organization called ‘International Justice Mission’ (IJM). This is not the place to elaborate on IJM though. Given its links to IJM, it comes as no surprise that CEC works on so-called eradication of bonded labour. CEC has also received, on a regular basis, ‘donations’ from a UK based organization called ‘Anti Slavery International (ASI)’ which claims in its 2017 annual report to UK’s Charity Commission  that it co-developed the National Domestic Workers Welfare Bill (Bill No. 204 of 2016) that has been tabled in our Lok Sabha by Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor. Darpan portal does not have any information on CEC, so we will have to depend on CEC’s website. Its Governing Board has Duarte Barreto, J. John, Dominic D’Souza, and Rev. Ernest Deenadayalan. The last person (ED) is the head of ‘The Other Media’ (DL/231660085) whose team has been active in writing against several industrial & wetland projects in coastal Tamil Nadu.
  • Popular Education and Action Centre (PEACE) is in New Delhi, DL/231650912 and has received Rs. 8.5 Crore from BfW in the period of study. Darpan portal gives its Deputy Managing Trustee as a Balaji Pandey and Aanchal Kapur and Kanchan Bhandari as Trustees.
  • However, many mainstream media stories mention a Anil Chaudhary as PEACE’s head. PEACE’s FC4 return itself is signed by Mr. Chaudhary, as the signature is quite clear.
  • PEACE’s other donors include:
  • Asha for Education,
  • Unitarian Universalist Association-USA,
  • Global Greengrants Fund-USA,
  • Fund for Global Human Rights-USA,
  • Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights-USA,
  • Sathi All for Partnerships-Delhi etc.
  • PEACE too figured in the Indian Express news article of June 2014, titled “Six Delhi NGOs in IB Watchlist”. However, PEACE’s FCRA is still intact and it continues to receive foreign donations. For instance, it received a total sum of Rs. 2.1 Crore in 2016-17. This Note, opposing the purchase of land by Indian agricultural majors in Ethiopia was prepared by three FCRA-NGOs, one of whom is PEACE. On its website, PEACE claims to run training for “field-based social action groups focused on a variety of issues like land, forest, and water rights across the country.”


These five large States, all put together, received just Rs. 16.4 Crore from BfW between 2009-2015. Essentially, Bread for the World has had a very low footprint among FCRA-NGOs in these states. Since FCRA-NGOs located in a city/state can spend their money elsewhere too, we should not rule out the possibility (high) that Delhi based recipients of BfW ‘donations’ are likely to be working in these States.
  • The largest recipient is ‘Seva Mandir’-Udaipur, RJ/125690002. To the best of my understanding, it appears to be doing good work among rural communities.
  • Special mention must be made of Manav Sansadhan Evam Mahila Vikas Sanstha, UP/136760039. Located in Varanasi, it has received just Rs. 6.6 lakh from BfW during this period. It works against Child Labour, Trafficking, and similar causes. Although its Functionaries appear kosher, curiously it has received a small sum of Rs. 76000 from Justice Ventures International-USA (which functions as a Christian-faith organization)  and also regularly from organizations named as “Free the Slaves (USA)”, “Voice for Freedom (USA)” and such.


Most of BfW recipients in Eastern India appear to be run by grassroot workers. Their views on any matter rarely appear in mainstream media.
  • According to Darpan, Orissa Development Action Forum (ODAF)-Bhubaneswar, OR/104830111 is run by Dr. William Stanley, Dr. Joe Madiath and others. Its website mentions that ODAF was started around 1988 in response to drought-like conditions in Odisha, primarily by the initiatives of German Protestant Church organizations (EZE, Lutheran etc.).
  • The case of “Judav-Deogarh, Jharkhand”, JH/337680019 is interesting. Until 2009, it had received substantial sums from donors such as Christian Aid-UK, HIVOS (The Netherlands), Bread for the World, etc. And then, the receipts dropped to Zero since 2010 until 2016, in each year. Judav is not described in Darpan. So we do not know who runs it. Judav receive Rs. 1.6, 3.3, 5.1 and 3.1 Crore during 2006-2009. These are not small sums for that region. Yet, it is mysterious that its inflows dropped to nothing since then.


  • North East Network (NEN) a Women’s Rights Organization in Guwahati, AS/20840010 has received a total of Rs. 4.7 Crore from BfW in this period.
  • While its functionaries as Monisha Behal, Roshmi Goswami have not come into the limelight, it appears to be an important important investment for the German State, since it is receiving funds from the German Catholic Development Agency, Misereor and BfW.
  • It is being funded by some very important names in the NGO ecosystem -  Lawyers Collective, Voluntary Action Network India (VANI, see above, under “Delhi”),  Oxfam, CBGA (see above, under Delhi) etc. It received a total of Rs. 1.97 Crore in 2016-17 over and above its unspent cash balance in Bank in that year of Rs. 2.17 Crore.
  • Interestingly for a women’s rights organization and especially one funded by the Church, NEN’s CEO, Ms. Behal is one of the signatories of a statement against GoI’s Bill on Triple Talaq.
  • Centre for Social Development, Imphal, MN/194130072 received Rs. 15.6 Crore from BfW in this period. It has in turn ‘donated’ its foreign contributions to other FCRA-NGOs in the region, as was observed from the FC4/FC6 returns of several FCRA-NGOs. Darpan lists its President as Khangjrakpam Norendro Meetei and Secretary as Urikhimbam Nobokishore Singh. It receives funds from Child Rights and You (CRY) as well.
  • Rongmei Naga Baptist Association, MN/194170007 too is like CSD. It too gets a good sum from BfW and in turn distributes it to several second recipients.
  • New Life Foundation, MN/194190028 has received about Rs. 20 lakh from BfW in this period. It works on Children’s Rights, RTE etc. It also runs an Orphanage called ‘Glory Children’s Home’ in Bishnupur district.


Bread for the World funds many organizations across the length and breadth of India. Many of these are directly affiliated with the Church and are engaged in providing valuable services such as orphanages, schools and in distributing funds to grassroots organizations.
BfW also tends to build and exercise influence in the highest echelons of policy making, by funding the thought leaders and leading members of civil society. This is particularly felt among the influential NGOs of Delhi.