Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wrong India Map in websites of some Organizations related to FCRA

In this Post, we shall consider a few Organizations which receive Foreign Contributions (FC) through the FCRA route.  Among those which sport a website, I have looked at (i) whether they display the correct India map and (ii) whether their primary foreign donor displays the correct India map. All websites were accessed on April 13th from Bangalore. If you would like to learn about FCRA, you can read about it here. If you would like to get acquainted with major Organizations in a few States of India which receive FC, you can read that here.

Let us get started.

Caruna Bal Vikas (CBV) is an Organization located in Chennai and working in many parts of India. Its primary donor is Compassion International, USA. An example of the FC-6 return filed by CBV with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India can be found at: (Rs. 130 Crore in 2012-2013).

In its homeschool curriculum for children (presumably living in other countries), Compassion Intl., displays a map of India which is wrong. See

Life in the Word Joyce Meyer Ministries (LWJMM) is an Organization located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Its primary donor is Joyce Meyer Ministries (JMM), USA. An example of the FC-6 return filed by LWJMM with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India can be found at: (Rs. 13.6 Crore in 2012-13).

The India map shown in LWJMM website is wrong.

LWJMM's whois link points to JMM, Hyderabad. The wrong India map is displayed at:

I would like LWJMM to display the correct India map.

Salgadia Happy & Holy Home Society (HHH) is located in Medinipur (Midnapore), Paschim Bongo (West Bengal). In every page of its website, it displays a wrong India map (as the India map in its logo itself is wrong). It appears not to be a small-time Organization, as it received for instance, Rs. 7.8 Crore in 2012-13 from Good News India, Phoenix, USA, vide towards "Welfare of Children". HHH, although located in West Bengal, runs several "Dream Centers" (Children's Homes) in Odisha (see ).

As I suspected (based on the spelling of the word "centre", above), the whois link for points to a Phoenix, Arizona, USA address.

Next is Salesian Province of Calcutta, Kolkata. It received about 3.8 Crore in 2012-13 vide . One of its donors is Salesian Missions, USA.

   In its description of the work it carries out in the world, Salesian Missions, USA displays a wrong India map at

I would have liked to see Salesian Missions, Kolkata, an Indian Organization to have taken up the matter with their donor.

One of Karnataka's Top FC receiving Organization is "Child Fund International USA", Bangalore. It received about Rs. 58 Crore in 2012-13 vide from its Richmond, USA's office. Its website seen at: displays a wrong India map.

  I would like the Bangalore Office to take up the matter with their US Headquarters.

  Incidentally, "Christian Children's Fund and CCF" are registered service marks of ChildFund International, USA, according to the footnote on their website.

Finally, let us look at an Organization called "India Campus Crusade for Christ" (ICCC), located in Bangalore. It is part of a global organization called "Campus Crusade for Christ" (CRU), headquartered in USA. This organization specializes in sharing spiritual messages with college students and hence the "Campus" in its title. In 2012-13, ICCC received around Rs. 19.9 Crore from various organizations, including Campus Crusade for Christ-Asia, located in Philippines, vide

There is a website for the South Asia Chapter of CRU, which has a wrong India map here. Incidentally, the whois query of , returns the St. Thomas Town PO, Bangalore-84 address as the Administrator.

What do we make of these? Are they isolated, stray cases of omissions? May be, may be not.

In my opinion, the rot lies in the idea that somehow the poor, downtrodden people can be given a good life (along with loads of "Love" of course, but we shall ignore that in this Post) by running service organizations which are financed with foreign money. However, it is not just about money. Along with the money, comes the attitude (Dhimmi-ness) to swallow anything that the foreign Agency (in many cases, located in the US) provides. Thus, you see the otherwise patriotic Indians not questioning their Donor Agency on why they are displaying a wrong map of India. If I were to be running such an Indian service Organization, I will demand that the Donor Agency comply or else, I will reject the money. 

In any case, the Indian Government runs a huge operation for NGOs via its Portal,, which incidentally, none of these FC receiving institutions register with or get money from. So, why aren't these Organizations throwing away the foreign money and running their orphanages and old-age homes with Indian Government (or Indian Private) money?

Pride. Pride in oneself. Pride in one's Tradition. Pride in one's Motherland. Lose any of these, you lose identity.

I request the above Indian Organizations to stand up and be counted. Thanks in advance.


  1. It is my opinion, misrepresentation of Indian maps is too serious to be considered as omissions that too by different groups to be consider it as some fluke. In fact I would say that misrepresentation of Indian map is treachery, nothing less. First you abuse FCRA, exploit it's loop holes and then take advantage of it to subvert and convert gullible people in masquerading as benevolent NGO organization trying to outreach the needy and the poor, then you unleash you real agenda, that is to slander their native religion and convert the people to an alien religion, all this in the name of God and his decree to soul harvest.

    The misrepresentation of India's map as a "moth eaten one" says a lot about the mind set of these soul harvesters. If one is sensitive and has respect for a people, their traditions, their customs, their country, you show it, you show it by being sensitive to the feelings of the people and valuing their symbols. If you have contempt or indifferent, it is only then that you show in actions one way or another. These websites are showing contempt for India and it's people. I too have tried to point to them that the maps are wrong, but these requests were ignored.

  2. Folks,

    use these crooked misrepresentations as opportunities to arouse sleeping Patriots to become more stronger - economically, stronger - politically, stronger - talent wise, stronger - in becoming more adept in setting one's own house in order!

    Otherwise, like dumb don quixote, one can always feel offended and whine -that will only help those crooks to camouflage & make these more subtle!!

    Can we think of matching that kind of funding pouring in from outside - by contributing to own organizations and getting them to counter each of these with activities done a lot more deeply, passionately and vigourously? Think!!

    Ofcourse, this does not mean we become complacent and allow them to run riot! But whining is not the way!