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FCRA Organizations in Kerala and their Foreign Funding

This Post appeared as an Article on IndiaFacts on January 30, 2015. I am grateful to them for hosting it.

In an earlier Post, we had learnt of the spread of FCRA organizations (FCRA-NGOs for short, although a few Government organizations too receive foreign funding via FCRA) in Andhra Pradesh. Taking the financial year 2011-2012 as an example, we saw how much money flows into such NGOs in each district of Andhra Pradesh. We shall do a similar exercise for Kerala, here.

A map displaying the districts and the total money received by Organizations in these districts is presented below:

  • Pathanamthitta district hosts fewer NGOs, than say, Ernakulam and Kottayam. But, it more than compensates for it by having a few heavy weight ones, including Gospel For Asia and its sister organizations. To learn about funding from Gospel For Asia Inc, Texas via FCRA to its affiliates in India, please read this investigation on the same.
  • As has been discussed by me many times, FCRA-NGOs do not have to spend the money in the same district as they are located in. Furthermore, they can “donate” the money they receive to other FCRA-NGOs anywhere in the country and can “get the work” done.
  • A characteristic feature of FCRA-NGOs in Kerala is a mix of Organizations (i) representing the many Catholic sects there and (ii) neo-Evangelical organizations, largely supported from USA. Thus, among all the FCRA hot spot States (TN, AP, KL, KA, OR and WB), Kerala receives the largest funding from Italy. For a splice-up of funding from specific countries to these States, head to this Post.

You can click on the name of any district or town/city in the Table below to view the list of FCRA Organizations there. Clicking on the name of any FCRA-NGO will give you the FC6 return filed by that NGO with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. These are provided so that anything written here is falsifiable (in a Popperian sense). We thank the FCRA Wing, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for making the FC6 returns publicly available, rather than having to go through RTI.

A word-cloud of the names of the Organizations in the 14 districts shown below reveals their largely Christian nature. Common words such as Society, Trust, Association, India, Kerala etc. have been removed while creating this cloud. We thank Wordle for this resource.

FCRA-NGOs in each district of Kerala

  • Number in brackets is the number of NGOs in that district which received at least Rs. 10000/- in 2011-2012.
  • Click a district to view the list of FCRA Organizations therein. I strongly urge you to click on each district & learn about such FCRA-NGOs yourselves. Thanks.
  • Typographical errors are intrinsic to the database at MHA, GoI.


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