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Organizations which received funds from Open Society Foundations via FCRA:2007-2014

A news item appeared on June 8, 2016 here. It mentioned that remittances via FCRA from three International bodies to FCRA-NGOs have been put under "Prior Permission" category. This means that any FCRA-NGO desirous of receiving funds from these three foreign organizations cannot do so automatically, but need to specifically request permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The news item reported these entities as: Open Society Foundations (OSF), World Movement for Democracy (WMD) and National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

 Another news item here, further added that these three entities were included in the Prior Permission category, after they remitted money to an "unregistered Indian NGO". By unregistered, we presume that the said NGO may not have had FCRA registration.

In this Post, we shall identify FCRA-NGOs who have received remittances from OSF in the past. To be specific, we shall include remittances from "Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI)- Baarestrasse 12, CH-6300, Zug, Switzerland", "Open Society Institute (OSI), 400, West 59th Street, New York-10019" and "Foundation to Promote Open Society (FOPS), 224, West 57th Street, New York-10019", as they may all be related entities.

Disclaimer: We do not pass any judgement on the goodness/nobility (or otherwise) of any of the FCRA-NGOs listed here; the same is applicable to the foreign entities discussed here as well. We are just doing a value add over MSM news to enable Indians to obtain a better understanding of the FCRA-NGO landscape.

List of FCRA-NGOs who have received remittances from entities related to Open Society Foundation (OSF) (see definition above, in text), as reported in their FC6/FC4 returns at Amounts in Lakhs of Rupees.
Name Location State Reg. No. 14-15 13-14 12-13 11-12 10-11 09-10 08-09 07-08
Multiple Action Research Group Delhi DL 231650376 - - 17.2 - 22.3 - -
Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses Delhi DL 231650661 - - - - 11.3 - - -
Centre for Civil Society Delhi DL 231660123 N/A N/A 3.2 - 8.0 - - -
Centre for Social Research Delhi DL 231650091 - - - - - - - 7.9
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative Delhi DL 231650671 220.4 299.5 199.6 138.3 50.1 14.3 66.4 -
Collaborative Research & Dissemination Delhi DL 231651005 - - 3.4 - 8.3 - - -
Asian Centre for Human Rights Delhi DL 231660598 - 148.6 20.5 128.1 27.1 54.2 - -
Delhi Network of Positive People Delhi DL 231661097 - - 21.0 - - - - -
Centre for Health and Social Justice Delhi DL 231661188 25.0 - 41.7 13.5 - - - -
Consortium for Trade & Development Delhi DL 231661006 - - - - - 22.1
Evangelical Trust Association of North India Delhi DL 231660036 - - - - - - - 4.1*
Socio-Legal Information Centre Mumbai MH 83780554 120.5 62.7 111.9 22.3 23.3 - - -
Lawyers Collective Mumbai MH 83780742 28.9 161.4 32.6 97.1 81.7 21.7 22.3 2.7
Indian Law Society Pune MH 83930300 - N/A
13.4 11.7 - - -
Bapu Trust for Research on Mind & Discourse Pune MH 83930421 - - 13.1 - - - - -
Society for Community Health Awareness Research Action Bengaluru KA 94420583 - - 12.9 - - - - -
Samuha Vikas Nayagarh OR 105020143 - - - 7.3 - - - -

*I surmise this to be a data entry error


  1. A perusal of the above Table shows important recipients of Open Society Foundations appear to be Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), Delhi, Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR), Delhi,  Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC), Mumbai and Lawyers Collective (LC), Mumbai. Note that SLIC is usually described in mainstream media as Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) which is a wing of SLIC.
  2. A caveat is in order. The above Table is exhaustive for the years 2007-2012, i.e., we vouch that only these FCRA-NGOs (save one or two whom we have ignored) and nobody else received grants via FCRA in that time period. However, the data for 2013 & 2014 are non-exhaustive, i.e., we do not rule out the possibility of any other FCRA-NGO getting remittances from the OSF family in these two years. 
  3. OSF entities have sent around Rs. 25 Crore to FCRA-NGOs since 2007-08.
  4. An International Conference on "Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education (RTE) for Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups" was held in New Delhi during 14-15, January 2016. It was organized by Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Oxford Human Rights Hub and Open Society Foundations. We do not know which FCRA-NGO received funding for this conference from OSF.
  5. Today's news on FCRA-NGOs' protest against Government of India includes a quote from CHRI.  Understandable :)
  6. We consciously desist from identifying FCRA-NGO recipient(s) of National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC, USA.
  7. For the sake of completeness and for any future use, we provide below a Table containing the names of Chair, Board Members, Team of the FCRA-NGOs discussed above. These have been culled from their websites, as neither the Government of India nor State Governments are releasing the Trustees/Owners/Board of all FCRA-NGOs. Thus, we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information below. We acknowledge the help of an anonymous friend who compiled the information below.
FCRA NGO Board Members/Trustees Notes
Multiple Action Resource Grp (MARG) Maja Daruwala
Anju Talukdar
K.K. Rai
Seema Misra
K.T. Suresh
Saurabh Anand Prakash
Malvika Kaul
Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses Dr. Zeenat & colleagues
Centre for Civil Society Luis Miranda
Ankur Shah
Ashish Dhawan
Gurcharan Das
Iris Madeira
Parth J Shah
Premila Nazareth
Centre for Social Research Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Director
Prof. Renuka Singh,
Dr. S. Radhakrishna Pillai
Ashok Malhotra
Prof. Anand Kumar
Dr. Chandra Lekha
Prof. N. Rajaram
Jyotsna Roy
Yogesh Sharma
Rahul Singh
Sumitra Devi
Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative Wajahat Habibullah, Chair, Executive Committee
B. K. Chandrashekar
Nitin Desai
Sanjoy Hazarika
Kamal Kumar
Poonam Muttreja
Ruma Pal
Jacob Punnoose
A P Shah
Maja Daruwala (Executive Director, CHRI)
Collaborative Research & Dissemination Directors

Anuradha De
Claire Noronha
Meera Samson


Somen Chakraborty
Anomita Goswami
Reetika Khera
V Sasi Kumar
N. J. Kurian
Manabi Majumdar
Claire Noronha
Asian Centre for Human Rights Suhas Chakma
Delhi Network for Positive People President - Loon Gangte
Partner with multiple NGOs

Indian Drug Users Forum
Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit
Asia-Pacific Network of People living with HIV (APN+)
Global Network of PLHIV (GNP+)
International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC)
Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
Centre for Health & Social Justice Abhijit Das
AR Nanda
Rajani Ved
Renu Khanna
Satish Kumar Singh
Subhash Mendhapurkar
Suneeta Dhar
Usha Rai
Vijaykumar Aruldas
Consortium for Trade & Development S. Jagadeesan & others
Socio-Legal Information Centre Mr. Justice H. Suresh
Mr. Dhairyasheel Patil
Ms. Farida Bhatri
Ms. Ira Ray
Dr. Mohini Giri
Mr.R.D. Bhat
Mr. Darryl D’Monte
Ms. Nargis Irani
Ms. Ketayun Rustom
Ms. Kalpana Kannabiran
Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) is a division of the Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC) - same address.
Lawyers' Collective Ms. Indira Jaising
Mr. Anand Grover
Ms. Sanober Keshwaar
Ms. Norma Alvares
Justice Suresh
Ms Nilima Dutta
Mr. Mihir Desai
Indian Law Society Unknown --
Bapu Trust for Research on Mind & Discourse
Bhargavi V Davar
Samuha Vikas, Nayagarh -- --
Society for Community Health Awareness Research Action Dr. Mohan Isaac
Dr. P. Chandra
Dr. Thelma Narayan
Mr. As Mohammad
Dr. Sunil Kaul
Dr. Kishore Murthy
Dr. Mani Kalliath

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  1. Thank you for your research and for sharing. How does the contribution of Open Society and linked organisations compare with the foreign funding landscape generally? Would 25Cr rupees be a significant chunk of funding?