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The Claws of Compassion [Part-2]

Part-I of this series is available here. To summarize it briefly, we learnt of the “charity” that is headquartered in Colorado, USA called “Compassion International”. We learnt how it professed its Evangelical agenda in its US tax returns. We learnt how it has been sending ~Rs. 220 Crore each year to FCRA-NGOs in India. We learnt of two of its primary affiliates in India -- Caruna Bal Vikas (CBV), Chennai and Compassion East India (CEI), Kolkata. We also learnt of the names of Trustees of these two FCRA-NGOs. We learnt that our Ministry of Home Affairs has put this Colorado entity on the Prior Permission List which means that its donations to any FCRA-NGO in India will not be automatic but will have to be approved by MHA on a case by case basis.

The current Post will be short. Here, we shall come to learn of who the secondary recipients of CBV and CEI are. As discussed earlier, FCRA-NGOs *have* to spend their foreign “donations” either by themselves or they have to, in turn, give it to other FCRA-NGOs to spend. They cannot give it to entities which are not FCRA registered. Get it? So, CBV and CEI (like countless other FCRA-NGO behemoths which plague our Nation) distribute the funds they received from Colorado to other FCRA-NGOs. Sort of, like, sub-contract of work.

In Part-1, we saw a long Table containing Names, Registration Number, Address of every FCRA-NGO which has ever received money directly from Compassion, Colorado. In the current Post, we shall not have a Table. Instead, we will see two maps. Map-1 provides the locations of all secondary recipients (FCRA-NGOs themselves) from Caruna Bal Vikas, Chennai. Map-2 provides the locations of of all secondary recipients (FCRA-NGOs themselves) from Compassion East India, Kolkata. These are dynamic maps (see later).

  1. FCRA Wing, Ministry of Home Affairs is thanked for providing annual returns of all FCRA-NGOs since 2006, online, without one having to go through the idiotic RTI route.
  2. Google and the mapping tool (theXS) are immensely thanked for making this work a pleasurable activity.

  1. 136 FCRA-NGOs are listed in Map-1 (secondary recipients of CBV) and 132 are listed in Map-2 (secondary recipients of CEI). The list was constructed out of FC6/FC4 returns filed by FCRA-NGOs in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  2. Map-1 includes six FCRA-NGOs which have not been secondary recipients of CBV, but have received funds directly from Compassion-Colorado. These six were part of the list presented in Part-1 of this article.
  3. The links to theXS maps (with pins on locations of each FCRA-NGO) is very useful. We suggest readers to click on the map links and play with them.
  4. Caruna Bal Vikas, Chennai appears to “take care” of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi. Compassion East India, Kolkata appears to “take care” of West Bengal, Assam, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Thus, there seems to be a nice “division of labour” among the two.
  5. A clear Eastern Coast focus is seen among the FCRA recipients from Compassion. This character is true for several evangelical organizations funded via FCRA. Apart from changes in religious demography, such an Eastern Sea Board focus does not augur well from a National Security perspective as well. Discerning readers are encouraged to explore this thought process further.
  6. Both CBV and CEI have operations in Madhya Pradesh. Also, both seem to be funding an isolated activity in Udhampur.
  7. Every information that is presented here is verifiable and is based on data that has been publicly provided at the FCRA website of Government of India.
  8. Comments welcome. If you find any error in the geographical location of any FCRA-NGO, please write a comment about it. Be specific. We will be glad to rectify it.

Over to the Maps. Savour them.
Here is the Link for Map-1 i.e., Secondary Recipients of Caruna Bal Vikas, Chennai.
These two maps are also appended below as static images, in case you have difficulties seeing the above with your browser.

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